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This page contains a wide variety and range of entertainers for all events.

Hello gidday !! The Wobbly Jellies are Kieth Haigh, Richard Ofsoski and Col Davis and as a group have performed at various shopping centers, clubs and preschools around the Brisbane area.   We are proud to introduce to you the all new groovy Wobbly Jelly show !!. The show serves as a fun, entertaining and educational experience for children with many themes including Beach , Shapes, animals, food and vehicles to name a few and with or own special characters Super surf wave rider and Farmer Grubby boots to help us along the way.   There is also an action packed CHRISMAS show to cater for the festive season

Mark Anthony is one of the busiest Stage Hypnotists in Australia... Mark's shows are performed to the very highest of 'ethical' standards. Mark's shows can be performed for families or Adults Only... "Mark Anthony's Hypnotic Show" or "Mark Anthony's Hypnaughty Show'!
 Corporate Functions
 School Graduations
 Cruise Ships... Plus More

Add that touch of Mystique to your Event with Mystic Mel.... Powerful, short readings... From a choice of 5 decks of cards... and a final Rune reading. Sunshine Coast,, Brisbane, QLD, Australia   Allow your guest to take away a little insight into the next step of their lives... Do you remember something that some one said as a powerful contributor to your life? They'll go away talking... and wondering for days after... "And there was this reader there... and she said ...."  Talking about your party, remembering the fun yet insightful gift you gave them that day... And connecting that to you. It is my path... understanding people... to inspire, direct and align them with their true gifts that lay within them. "I believe the tarot is a reflection of the inner subconscious of a person. As a reader it is a wonderful opportunity to empower individuals with choice, and inspire them on their path. Words can create the seed of change necessary for the next step.. Are you aligned with your passion?"   Pretty deep huh!  
Readings are always fun. People laugh at themselves all the time.
Mel has been reading and consulting the Tarot for over 10 years, from the age of 19yrs old when she received her first deck of the Arthurian Tarot. Always intrigued by the Mysterious and unknown, she followed her calling from Wollongong, Balmain Sydney, N.S.W. to Israel and Egypt, and then onto the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where she now resides.  
78 steps of wisdom...   She has read in shopping centres from Canberra to Inner City Sydney, at Psychic fairs, Luna Park and many Corporate Christmas Parties. Readings are meant to be fun and positive. Where there is depth there needs to be light... A great way to open up your guests and have them feel welcome. They'll all have something to talk about!   Melanie supplies all her own set up and can cater for individual settings... Choose the mood you want to create. Guests will choose from a variety of decks and included is a rune reading.   Enjoy

Melanie began her face painting career in Sydney, 1998, & was inspired by the Austrian Artist /Performer Joe Joe Freeman. Together they formed a partnership in Sydney called Joe Joe Juggles Entertainment. Melanie loves the travel and variety associated with her work and her art takes her up and down the coast. Melanie is insured with Duck for Cover, and also holds a current Children's Blue card.  
Most recently she has:  
 a.. Featured at the Chancellor Park Tavern Inaugural Food & Wine Festival on the Sunshine Coast
 b.. Provided the Kid's Entertainment for Pumpkin Patch Store Openings in a Variety of Brisbane locations. (Beautiful kid's clothes by the way)
 c.. The Better Homes & Gardens Home Show at Bunning's on the Gold Coast was a Smash. Lot's of fun and Entertainment.
 d.. The Vietnamese Multicultural Children's Festival was absolutely special
 e.. Mooloolaba Seafood Festival Body Painting the Dancers for the opening ceremony was a transformational Experience.
 f.. (Check out her body painting listing) Just because Mel is involved in the big stuff doesn't mean she'll miss entertaining the kid's at your private party!(or the adults for that matter)  
Melanie's work has ranged from large events to small kid's birthday Parties. Her artistic flair along with her love of Colour and experimentation has won her a lot of praise and admiration relating to her work. She loves face painting as it brings so much laughter, fun & happiness to people of all ages.   "I love the way adults and children change their character when I paint their faces. People are amazed at the transformation"   Due to her many years in Hospitality work (she has an ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT) she is very good at communicating with all people of all ages and working with small groups to large crowds. Melanie now lives on the Sunshine Coast and is excited about sharing her art in many ways. She is constantly experimenting with new faces to bring fun, laughter and surprise to her models. Melanie worked for other Entertainment Agencies too, including Zanni Productions, Black Rhino Productions & Sqiggles Entertainment.
Major Companies, Corporations & Events she has performed at include     a.. Bunnings Caloundra   b.. Pumpkin Patch Sunshine Plaza   c..  Westfield's Shopping Centre North Sydney   d..  Australian Water Board at the Sydney Easter Show Homebush    e.. David Jones, Westfield's, Sydney    f..  Convention Centre   g.. Toyota North Ryde, Sydney   h.. Football Grandfinals at the Sydney Stadiums (old & New)   i.. Fox Film Studios Sydney   j.. Various Councils in Sydney Melanie worked at many other private parties, functions,openings and events along side other entertainment such as clowns, stilt Walkers

 Body Art is an extension of the imagination into creating new characters from existing form. The only limit is the imagination. One of My latest Body Art Masterpieces was working with Ace Face Amanda at the Mooloolaba Seafood Festival. In one and a half hours we painted, designed and adorned the Young Dancers for the opening ceremony dance dedicated to the fishermen who lost their lives at Sea.   It was a beautiful, moving and exciting experience to transform, unify and work with the shy teenagers who at the end of it felt beautiful and amazed at themselves. They had never felt so beautiful and special! Of coarse the performance was a success! The experience as Interior Designer and Decorator, Canvas Artist & Face Painter all come together in the form of Body Art. Depending on the type of Performance or Intention, Art will become form. For stage Performance larger designs look stunning from a distance and can really enhance any costume.   The beauty of body art is it's flexible and can be applied at the last minute Melanie's flair and passion for the unusual can create a stunning moving piece of art. Let the whole body step into the performance and allow it to be adorned!