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Karaoke Freaks
High energy karaoke. Karaoke Freaks know how to get your pub or party going with over 8000 songs from Beatles & The Doors to Pink and Pete Murray. Loads of current Top 40 Hits, constantly updated!! We use a Yamaha system with Peavey foldbacks and Beringer Microphones, with a great sound to make everyone sound like a star!!   With a range of DJ music, we can cater to any crowd, 7 days a week and because all the staff know how to belt out a tune, you will never be short of a singer in the house.  
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The Brothers Gibson run a unique night of “Live Karaoke”. Venue guests can be the lead singer of the band, choosing from a list of over 500 songs.

Books are put on tables in the venue with lists and the lyrics for all the songs. When guests choose a song, they tell Kyra (the Karaoke Co-ordinator) and she puts them on the night’s running list.

When it’s their turn to sing, Kyra gives them a larger version of the lyrics sheet and up they go on stage. The band quickly chooses a key for the singer. They also let them know when to start, when the changes are and when to finish as well as adapt to their personal way of singing.

The night runs over 3 hours. At the end of the final set,a judge from venue staff announces the 3 winners. Prizes are provided by the venue or sponsors e.g. pub meal and bottle shop vouchers.

The 3 top finalists go into the grand-final (held every 6 weeks) when larger prizes can be won e.g., playstation with Singstar, Apple Ipod, electric guitar and amp. These larger prizes are provided by the pub or sponsors.

Photos and video are taken on the night and displayed on the Campfire Karaoke website (www.myspace.com/campfirekaraoke) for venue guests to download free when they get home. Guests can also choose and request songs from the online song book.

It is an awesome night singing with one of Queensland’s best acoustic duos.